Fun for all events of all ages and is even ADA Accessible!

    This is our cornerstone. What put us on the map: Our classic enclosed photo booth. It's what most people picture when they think of a photo booth. People go into the booth, close the privacy curtain and center themselves up in-frame and take photos. How our photo booths are different, is instead of sitting; people stand and pose for their photos. It provides for more people to be in the booth, larger groups, faster in-and-out, ADA accommodation such as wheelchairs, and more fun and 'action' shots.

    Guests see themselves in a touch-screen monitor in front of them that guides them on how to operate the booth. They choose whether they would like Color photos or Black & White. After touching START, it begins the countdown with about 5 seconds between each photo. It takes the full number of photos that are on the print template (most commonly 4 photos). Guests then open the curtain, step outside, and retrieve their printouts within 15 seconds from the print station of the photo booth.

    Next group enters and repeat for hours on end! The booth can handle a max of about 60 sessions per hour.

Services Included with Rental...

Template Design We will create a custom print template for your event to match your theme and style. Every print template is different and can include your logos, text, fonts, sayings, business information, hashtags, sayings, and more
Physical Prints This is the actual print from the booth that your guests receive and take with them. This is what the print template is printed on with your guests' photos.
Prop Box We include our box of goofy hats, glasses, masks, crowns, boas, quote signs, etc. It's ever-changing and always something to spice up your photos
Unlimited Use Your guests can use the booth and photo services as many times as possible during your rental time. No limits
Backdrop Color Choose from any of our backdrops we have in stock. Need a custom backdrop? Let us know and we'll try to get it ordered for your event.
Free Travel Free Travel to events located within 40 miles of Columbia, Missouri. Outside of this is calculated at $1 per mile each way. Contact us for travel fee quotes.
Web Gallery Your guests can retrieve all their individual photos from your event's personal gallery hosted on Gallery includes all INDIVIDUAL images in high resolution. You can download for free and even purchase low-cost reprints in a variety of sizes and finishes.
Early Setup We will coordinate with you and your venue to setup early when possible to avoid distracting guests in attendance. Often we coordinate to setup alongside the decorators, catering, and more. We can often even setup the day before your event.
Album Download We will provide you with a unique PIN number so you can download ALL of your photos online instantly in high-resolution without watermarks.  No need to wait for a USB in the mail


The Classic Photo Booth is rented by the hour. All prices below are all-inclusive except for addons and travel fees

  • 2 Hours = $450
  • 3 Hours = $550
  • 4 Hours = $650
  • 5 Hours = $800
  • 6 Hours = $900
  • All Day Rental = $1,200

  • Travel Fee:
  • Travel is included up to 40 miles outside of Columbia, Missouri. The free travel zone includes Jefferson City, Moberly, Paris, Boonville, Rocheport, Fayette, Centralia, Hallsville, Kingdom City and other towns. Outside of the 40 mile zone is a travel fee calculated at $1 per mile each way.

  • 'Worry-Free' Scrapbooking:
  • We can create a scrap book for your event on-site! Click here for more details on our scrap booking service. This service is an additional $150 and we provide EVERYTHING to create your memory book

  • USB Drive:
  • For an additional $20 we will mail a physical USB drive for you to keep that includes all your photos in high-resolution.

  • 6x8" Printout Upgrade:
  • Standard size for the photo booth printouts is 4x6" for modern prints and 2x6" for dual strip prints. Upgrade to giant 6x8" printouts for Modern Style printouts and 3x8" dual strips for $100 extra per booth rental hour

  • Props always included for FREE!


    Have more questions not answered here? Contact us!

    • HOW BIG IS THE CLASSIC PHOTO BOOTH? The photo booth itself, tower and enclosure, takes up roughly 6' x 4.5' wide. Keep in mind that it needs more 'working room' around the photo booth, such as the print station and a separate table for props. Also note that the photo booth is 7.5' tall at it's highest point, so it needs plenty of clearance
    • CAN THIS PHOTO BOOTH BE USED OUTDOORS? Yes, but with limitations. The enclosure is created with curtains, and in the event of high winds, the enclosure will have to be nixed and it turned into an open-air booth. We also CANNOT operate the photo booth in direct rain or overly hot conditions. It has exposed, expensive electronic components that we can't risk to inclement weather. Contact us for more details if your event is outdoors.
    • HOW MANY PEOPLE CAN FIT IN THIS PHOTO BOOTH? The standing area inside of the privacy curtain is about 6' x 4'. The booths have fit quite a crowd in them, up to about 8-10 people, but limiting it to a max of 5-6 at a time creates the best photos. If you're interested in larger group booths, check out the Pro Photo Booth and Open Air Booth.
    • HOW MANY PRINTS DOES IT PRINT? It creates one printout per session. A session is simply each time the booth is used. If your print template is created as a dual strip print, it will print TWO 2x6" strips each time. If it is created as a modern 4x6" template, it will print ONE 4x6" after each session.
    • WHAT DOES IT NEED TO OPERATE? DOES IT NEED TO BE PLUGGED IN? It requires a constant, reliable grounded plugin that is not shared with any 'energy-suckers' such as a large sound system. It runs off a single standard 110 household plugin like found in any homes or buildings.
    • CAN IT TAKE PHOTOS OF PEOPLE OF ALL HEIGHTS? Yes, it can. The camera can be adjusted up and down to accommodate a wide range. Though some extra tall people may need to duck down a tad and little kids may need to stand on a stool (which we provide). If your event is primarily a kids' event, check out our Kid's Only Photo Booth.

    Check out a 360 View of this Setup