GIF & Digital-Only PHOTO BOOTH

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    Brand new for 2019 to our photo booth lineup is our GIF and Digital-Only photo booth. It's a sturdy standalone photo booth kiosk that records animated GIFs and digital photos. Instead of printing, your guests can instantly text or email their photos and GIFs to themselves for FREE!

    What is a GIF?

    Animated GIFs (pronounced 'Jif' or 'Giff') are those short 2-3 second photo files you see on social media and in text messages. They're often 'boomerang' style, which means they play forward then backward and repeats. They create hilarious and unique files to be shared on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Text, Email, etc.

    How it works...

    Your guests interact with the GIF kiosk with a large touchscreen that includes a digital keyboard. Guests start their photo booth session just like with our other booths, recording their GIF or single photos. After their session, they can review their photos on-screen and then instantly email or text them to themselves or friends right from the kiosk. The kiosk is connected to it's own cellular WiFi source, so as long as there is a clear WiFi or Cellular signal, the photos will send instantly. In the event of no internet connectivity, photos and sessions are saved, emailed and texted as soon as the kiosk is back online. No worries about loss of images!
    Check out some GIFs from last year's Christmas Party...

    What's Included with Rental...

    Unlimited Use Your guests can record as many GIFs and take as many photos as they would like during the rental time
    Unlimited Texts & Emails Your guests can text or email as many times as they would like from the GIF kiosk. Even if there were multiple people that want one particular image sent, the kiosk can send to many addresses at once
    All Day Rentals Since this photo booth is self-contained and doesn't require a photo booth attendant on-site, we offer all day rentals! See below for pricing
    Backdrop Color Choose from any of our backdrops we have in stock. Need a custom backdrop? Let us know and we'll see what we can do.
    Free Travel Free Travel to events located within 40 miles of Columbia, Missouri. Outside of this is calculated at $1 per mile each way. Contact us for travel fee quotes.
    Web Gallery Your guests can retrieve all their individual photos and view everyone else's from the web gallery. Web galleries can also be password protected and hidden for privacy
    Early Setup We will coordinate with you and your venue to setup early when possible to avoid distracting guests in attendance. Often we coordinate to setup alongside the decorators, catering, and more.
    Logo / Artwork Inclusion We can include your logo, artwork or text in your design


Have more questions not answered here? Contact us!

  • HOW BIG IS THE GIF BOOTH KIOSK? The kiosk itself stands about 5' tall and takes up roughly 2' x 2' floor space. Guests will need some space in front of it to have room to interact and record their videos and photos. Also, if a backdrop is requested, it will be setup in front of the kiosk and is 7' wide x 7' tall
  • CAN THIS PHOTO BOOTH BE USED OUTDOORS? Yes, but with limitations. Like all electronic computer equipment, it has it's limitations such as direct sunlight and extreme heat and extreme cold. We strongly suggest shaded locations if the kiosk is setup outdoors.
  • WHAT IF THERE ISN'T CELLULAR OR WIFI AVAILABLE? No problem! The booth can still be as active for as long as you would like. Once it returns to an area with wifi or cellular, it will automatically send all the files queued up.
  • IS THERE A PHOTO BOOTH ATTENDANT ON-SITE LIKE YOUR REGULAR BOOTHS? No. Since this booth is digital-only, there is no need for an attendant. This photo booth kiosk is made of steel, heavy, and meant for public interaction all day long
  • WHAT DOES IT NEED TO OPERATE? DOES IT NEED TO BE PLUGGED IN? It requires a constant, reliable grounded plugin that is not shared with any 'energy-suckers' such as a large sound system. It runs off a single standard 110 household plugin like found in any homes or buildings.
  • DOES IT INCLUDE PROPS FOR THE RENTAL? Since the GIF booth is unattended by one of our attendants, it does not include props as they have a tendency to 'walk away' when not monitored. We do have props available for rent for an extra fee



The GIF / Digital Only Photo booth is rented by the hour and by the day of the week. All prices below are all-inclusive except for addons and travel fees

  • Weekend Pricing (Friday, Saturday, Sunday - Minimum 4 hours)
  • **Weekday Pricing (Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs - Minimum 2 hours)
  •     2 Hours = $200**
  •     3 Hours = $300**
  •     4 Hours = $400
  •     5 Hours = $500
  •     6 Hours = $600
  •     7 Hours = $700
  •     8 Hours = $800
  •     Half Day (12 hours) = $1,000
  •     Full Day (24 hours) = $1,400

  •     Multiple Days (2+ Days) = $1,000 per day

  • Travel Fee:
  • Travel is included up to 40 miles outside of Columbia, Missouri. The free travel zone includes Jefferson City, Moberly, Paris, Boonville, Rocheport, Fayette, Centralia, Hallsville, Kingdom City and other towns. Outside of the 40 mile zone is a travel fee calculated at $1 per mile each way.

  • USB Drive:
  • For an additional $20 we will mail a physical USB drive for you to keep that includes all your photos in high-resolution.